Coming Soon – Baby Brother!

YOU GUYS! We are having a BABY… and soon.  We are also selling our house and building again (so possibly moving twice). It’s been crazy around our house especially since this pregnancy has been one that has required a lot of prayer.  Thankfully, we get to check up on little baby Maxwell every week.  He has proven himself to be one tough (and very tall) cookie.  Carter and Toby are so excited to meet him.  Carter talks about him daily and is always giving him kisses, singing to him and telling him stories.  Toby has become my shadow, often leaving playtime with Carter to stand at my feet as I fold laundry.

We recently spent some time with our great friend, Jessica Rene Photography, to capture our maternity photos and even had a little fun in the end with some ice cream.  I wanted to share because we have truly appreciated all the well wishes that have been sent our way.  Thank you from the bottom of hearts.



  1. Beautiful! SO happy for all of you. You are an encouraging family life story in a world where they’re much needed. Praying all goes well withthe remainder of your pregnancy. I know baby Maxwell will be a wonderful piece of the family puzzle added. God Bless you guys! Can’t wait to see the photos of all THREE of the boys growing together! AWESOME! ;0)

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