Meet Carter and Toby!

photography by jessicarenephotography.com
photo by jessicarenephotography.com

Together, Carter and Toby have transformed our lives forever. We first rescued Toby in 2011, just a few weeks after our wedding. While we weren’t looking for a dog, we took Toby in, and he has been a blessing in our lives. We knew very early that we had a special puppy, and this was only solidified once Carter was born.

Bringing Carter home, we were both very curious how Toby would react. We tried to educate ourselves on how to introduce a baby to a dog, but nothing we read could have prepared us for what we experience. Toby immediately took Carter in as if the new baby was his own. He was always in front of Carter, and made sure that anyone who held Carter was doing it right.

The love that they have shown for one another has only grown as Carter has gotten bigger. Now that Carter is old enough to play with Toby, they are always chasing one another, talking to one another, and snuggling with each other. We are so grateful that Carter will grow up knowing the unconditional love of a dog, and we hope that their love only continues to blossom.

Meet Jake and I

photo by jessicarenephotography.com
photo by jessicarenephotography.com

I’m Devin a stay-at-home mom who gets to spend everyday with my two little boys.  I truly enjoy being able to be with the two of them everyday and share their experiences with all of you. My Husband, Jake, works in the banking industry. He recently finished getting his Master’s Degree, so we are all very excited to have more time together. We have been together for nearly 6 years and have been married for almost 4 years.

Our Hope

photo by jessicarenephotography.com
photo by jessicarenephotography.com

Our hope for this blog and the @carterandtoby Instagram account is to raise awareness for rescue animals. We hope that Toby’s story and his love for Carter allow people to see that rescue animals are amazing creatures that can bring so much joy to a family.

For more photos and videos of Carter and Toby please visit: instagram.com/carterandtoby

Please direct media inquires to devinbcrouch@gmail.com


  1. What kind of dog is Toby? I have a rescue that is part chow-chow and something! Looks a lot like Toby in the face. We were thinking maybe Shepherd?

    • Hi Jenn! We are unsure of Toby’s exact breed. Several vets have told is numerous possibilities. The most common on that comes up is German Shepard mix. 🙂

  2. This is such a beautiful way of documenting your son’s childhood! He’s going to love this when he grows up. 🙂

  3. i love your instagram and everything else you do~your pictures always make me smile no matter what kind of day i am having~thank you for sharing your life with all of us~

  4. I’ve been following Carter and Toby on Instagram for about a year now and I feel like I’m part of your family. It’s been such a beautiful experience watching Carter grow with his best pal. I hope that one day when I have children, my pups will be as loving as Carter and Toby are. I can’t wait to be part of their new adventures.

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