BIG Brothers!


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 7 years ago this weekend, Jake and I (finally) met for drinks; our first “date”. 2 years later on this day, we were joined together as man and wife. The following year (again on this day) we announced that we would be welcoming our sweet Carter that fall. Today we celebrate 5 years of marriage and our sweet healthy babies.

We are so excited to be adding a new little baby to our family! We used our furry little love, Toby, to break the news to Carter about his new little brother or sister. (Stay tuned- Jake and I know the gender and will be sharing once we reveal it to our families next weekend)


It only seemed fitting that they head to “Big Brother Camp!” Toby is an absolute baby crazy pup, and has been an excellent big brother to Carter! He has spent the days leading up to our announcement cuddling my growing baby bump and following me around more than usual.

Carter was very excited to learn about his new role as big brother! I will never forget his sweet voice saying “Yay!” and then proceeding to ask questions to better understand what was happening. He talks daily about everything he wants to help us with, including how he is going to feed the baby “all by himself.” Carter insists that the changing of diapers will not be something he will be doing, but he is ready to sing to the baby during those diaper changes.


Our hearts cannot take the sweetness that these boys share for their new sibling.
This process has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least for our family. As I write this, I struggle with sharing too much vs. not sharing enough…So bare with me. To me (and only me because EVERYONE grieves differently), sharing our newest family member without sharing our loss would make me feel like I was hiding our little angel who never made it. Talking about our miscarriage makes me feel vulnerable, but I never want to pretend this heartbreaking phase didn’t happen because… it did. It showed Jake and I what the lowest of lows looked like and before we were able to decide how we wanted to move on- joy and hope were restored. Our rainbow baby was ready to mend our hearts and restore our grieving hearts. Nothing will replace the child we were never able to hold in our arms. We choose to accept the situation we were given and look forward to and celebrate the beautiful rainbow baby that is due this fall.

If you’d like to follow all that happens between Carter and Toby’s adventures and get updates on our newest little one, follow me on 

We are excited, nervous and overjoyed (among so many other emotions) for this newest chapter. Thank you for your love, kind words, prayers and positive vibes. They mean the world to us! It still amazes me to how kind strangers have been to us and have shown us love every. single. step of the way. Life hasn’t been easy but, it is beautiful; through it all – it will always be beautiful.


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