Finding our new “normal”


We are 3 weeks into life with our furry baby, a 4-year-old and a newborn… and everyone is surviving, even if it is with little sleep.

Toby seems to have this big brother thing down this time around. It took him the longest to adjust when Carter came into the picture, not because he was jealous, but because he didn’t understand why Carter would cry.  He followed Carter everywhere and went into the nursery for every feeding.  This time, he loves to check Maxwell out and stands guard by him, but doesn’t seem to be as on edge as he was with Carter.  I’m so glad Toby loves him as much as he did Carter.

Carter amazes me with how sweet he is to his new little brother.  He does not seem to be very jealous, yet.  You can see him beam with pride when he talks about Baby Max to his friends and always wants Maxwell to drop him off/ pick him up from preschool.  Just last night he wanted Max to “watch” him eat his dinner so he could tell him all about how apples are a healthy food and will make his muscles grow.  He is definitely nailing his role as big brother.

As for Jake and I, we thought we had a “unicorn” of a baby who liked to sleep and would eat perfectly. Then, that changed…sleep is a struggle right now.  While this is exhausting, there is something peaceful about those late night baby snuggles.  Max seems to be pretty good about just going with the flow and doesn’t mind the loud, playful barking from both Toby AND Carter.  We are falling into a routine and learning how to juggle life with our newest addition.

We have even ventured out with all of the boys.  I feel pretty outnumbered and feel like I need a couple of extra hands.  If you follow our adventures on instagram or facebook you may have seen one of our first outing. Several people noticed and asked about Maxwell’s super awesome shopping cart baby hammock that Binxy Baby sent us. Like I mentioned last week, I may have a slight obsession with baby gear. It definitely helped make our trip easier since his car seat doesn’t fit in most shopping carts and Carter wants to “see his face.”  If you are planning on using one with your little one be prepared to be asked about it a lot!

For now, we are just trying to find our new normal while soaking up the tiny baby snuggles and watching the best big brothers take on this new role.

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