Best of 2015

Today I look back at some of my favorite moments of 2015. It’s already mid-February…where has the time gone? Clearly, being a mom to a preschooler has me on a delayed schedule. 2015 was a fun year for Carter and Toby! I wish I could have captured every moment and bottled it up. I’m still learning and probably will be forever how to balance living in the moment with these sweet young pups and running to grab my camera when they are doing something that I just have to capture. For every precious cuddle session  I share of Carter and Toby, there are a dozen that go undocumented. Here are some of my favorites from 2015:

iPhone Photos 1-18-15 835

We officially have a fully potty trained little guy! Thankfully, Carter totally bought into bribery and hanging out around the house half naked. I’m not so sure Toby understood what was happening, but he went along with it. (Also, can I tell you how much I love snapping a quick picture without Carter catching me…I’m sure he will thank me for this one later)

iphone 3.14.15 478

What is more magically than snow? This was the first big snow of the year that the boys had the chance to play in. It was coming down fast, which was bad for the speed I had my camera set on, but made the moment more amazing!


Those eyes! This is one of those pictures that I will never forget. The very first day of preschool, it was a rough day for both. Carter cried most of the class and Toby sat by the front door waiting for his buddy to return home. They climbed up into Carter’s bed and cuddled the rest of the day away.


Who doesn’t walk their neighborhood as Buzz Lightyear?!

iphone 3.14.15 050

You might remember seeing this one in Hanna Andersson’s Holiday catalog. A top favorite of mine. Another sneak attack moment that captures the bliss that is a super boy and his dog. The lighting and white comforter always make pictures on this bed look so nice.

top of hill - edit3-WM

This is on a sledding hill in a local park. What better place to run?


It’s shots like this that remind me they are both getting older. When did Carter get so tall?  He loved telling Toby about everything he helped place on the tree. I know that Toby just enjoyed the moment with his best friend.


Seriously. They cannot be any cuter! This big 3 year old just so happen to have a tux lying around…what better way to celebrate your birthday? They literally stopped traffic during this session.


Oh my heart! I love this picture for so many reasons. The barns remind me of the farm I grew up on. Toby walking next to Carter shows me he will never walk alone. I can still remember their sweet conversation about the trees and playing ball. Carter started preschool just days later.

07.04.15 - Carter and Toby

This is my favorite picture of 2015. Celebrating the 4th of July is style might I add. I love the “Norman Rockwell feel” of this photo. Inseparable buddies who are wildly curious as to what is on the other side of that fence. Like so many of my favorite shots, this one was natural and a quick shot. There is no better place than outside to take a photo, who could beat this lighting?

I hope you enjoyed this quick walk down memory lane with me. I now feel like I have a head start in creating our favorite photobook, Carter’s favorite thing to take for show and tell (well…unless he could take Toby).

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  1. I like the picture of the two of them facing the Christmas tree because both are so intent with each other. My second favorite is after the first day of preschool and they both are wiped!

  2. Thanks for sharing the precious photos!!! I worked with Kim and she thought the world of your family, yes Toby too!

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