Preschool: The Next Chapter

Preschool Collage

First. Day. Of. School. What?! I just blinked! How is this even possible? I feel like I am moving Carter away to college or something. I keep telling myself how ridiculous this is. I know have been fortunate to spend every single day of his life with him and we are blessed to be able to send him to a great school. I am incredibly thankful for all of these things, but I can’t help but feel bittersweet about this moment (I am having a harder time with this than he is).  My tiny baby isn’t a baby anymore.


Carter is ready… like “been wearing his backpack around for weeks” ready. After bringing him back to reality with the shattering news that he wouldn’t be riding the bus, he was ready to go. He has asked several times about Toby going to school with him, but he seems to understand that Toby can’t go with him (he has heard this response a lot). Carter knows some friends that will be in his class and his teacher’s name. Oh…and that there will be snacks! He is excited and not the slightest bit hesitant of this new milestone. Won’t he miss us?


But what about Toby? My heart breaks just thinking about this. We try to include Toby in as many of our daily activities as we can. When we leave without him, he patiently naps and waits by the door for us to return. He is always there is greet us as soon as we walk through the door and will run into the garage to make sure he didn’t miss anyone. How will he react when I leave with Carter and return home empty handed? I can already see him running to the car where he will realize I’m alone.


I am glad that Toby will be home for me to love on, as he is overdue for some one-on-one time.  We are going to go on a quick run and probably play a few games of fetch. That is if he will cooperate and bring the ball back. Maybe he will get a quick nap in before I return home with his little buddy. I know Carter will be SO excited to tell his best friend, his very first best friend, about this new adventure. Little does Carter know but there is a new adventure waiting for Toby as well. Keep an eye out for what Toby is doing #whileyouwereatschool.


For now, I’m taking in these last few minutes of everyone asleep. The last few minutes of my baby being a baby, sending him to school means he is a big boy… a preschooler. Soon he will wake and we will start the day he has been looking forward to for months. A day that he will learn, grow and meet new friends.  I’m certain no one will ever compare to his furry, rescued best friend for an unconditional love and bond that they have is incomparable.





  1. You beautifully put into words what so many of us felt sending our little ones off to school for the first time. Was the emotion of that day mitigated by the fact my daughter had been going to daycare from 6 weeks old? Not a bit. It’s different when they enter “big boy (or girl)” world. They’re not just yours anymore. Unlike many, I’ve never felt any sadness (bittersweet or otherwise) at each milestone my daughter has achieved. I feel so much happiness that she is living her life and gaining new experiences. She enters her last year of high school this year and I’m looking so forward to her next life adventure. My happiness is in the wonder and excitement she feels as her life moves on, even though it will soon move on without my daily participation. I will miss her, but I know she will be living her dreams and I could never be sad about that.

  2. Your cousin, Rebecca, cried with every first day…with all 5 kids. Her eldest, Amanda, graduates college, UNLV, Dec. 15. I can’t imagine what a cry fest that will be.

  3. What an exciting day for your little boy to be going off to preschool. I started out (many years ago) with letting my children go twice a week when they were three years old. Then when they were four years old they went three days a week. Our beloved dog Mittens, would take a nap and then wait by the door until they returned home. I so enjoy the pictures of Toby and Carter. You will treasure these pictures forever.

  4. Almost in tears at the last line – I’m having enough trouble thinking about leaving our five month old with a sitter!! Hope you had a smooth transition for all!

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