Favorite Moments

Yep.  I’m that crazy mom who can’t get anything done because when I do have rare alone time I end up looking through pictures and videos of Carter and Toby. The struggle is real. Jake and I will have date nights that are filled with sharing photos/videos/stories of something they did. Our date nights used to be meeting at a nice restaurant; having dinner and a nice bottle of wine and talking about things going on in the world. Date nights (just the two of us) are few and far between and the conversation is much different. Oh how life has changed.

I want to preserve these memories forever. I never want to forget how they looked or something they did. I’ve been lucky to have captured some great memories on camera.  A couple weeks ago, I started putting together a Fastbook for myself Carter.  Let me tell you, I’ve been meaning to put Carter and Toby’s photos together in a book for a long… long time. It’s always on my list of “things to do”, but I somehow keep bumping it down.  So I was excited when Fastbook sent us our own little book. Not anymore.  Fastbook connected to my instagram account so I didn’t have to search through folders and find the perfect photo.  The only problem… I had to choose my favorite moments.  How am I supposed to choose!?!

5.5.14 - Carter and Toby

I can remember the giggles and playful barking…

photo (23) iPhone Photos 1-18-15 435

4.21.14 - Carter and Toby

and the cries…

Carter's Wish (1)iPhone photos 9.24.14 020

the sticky messes…

BarktemberiPhone photos 9.24.14 022

and wet fur.

iPhone Photos 1-18-15 035

We’ve visited important places like where Jake and I went to college…

iPhone Photos 1-18-15 041

and where we got engaged.

Carter drives the car 002-edit

We have traveled…

West Park 076

and explored together.


We’ve watched…

6.1.14 - Carter and Toby

and played baseball.

6.20.14 - Carter and Toby

We have worked…

Walking Toby

even on Mondays (with a little encouragement).

iPhone photos 9.24.14 855

I can remember spending mornings in bed…

5.9.14 - Carter and Toby

and the times they didn’t quite make it to nap…

iPhone photos 9.24.14 496iPhone photos 9.24.14 044

and the numerous times they should have given up the fight and just went to bed.


I can’t blame them for wanting to just cuddle…


isn’t that what superhero best friends are for?


Speaking of saving the world…


and dressing up.

iPhone photos 9.24.14 522

They can be anyone…

4.16.14 - Carter and Toby

or anything they want.

iPhone photos 9.24.14 371

They dream big…

iphone 3.14.15 110

and love unconditionally…

photo (33)

and look so cute while doing it.

iPhone Photos 1-18-15 794

So how could I choose 24 or 48 photos…

iPhone Photos 1-18-15 500

when there are so many great memories to include…

iPhone Photos 1-18-15 835

and maybe a couple Carter will want to forget.

3.2.14 - Carter and Toby

I guess that means we will just have to order another book or two.


Cheers to not having to upload these photos individually!

iPhone photos 9.24.14 949

Thanks Fastbook for making it easy so I can spend my time with these two!

Seriously, how cute are these little books?  They fit so perfectly in Carter’s tiny hands.

IMG_9305 (1)

Use “CARTERANDTOBY” at check out and save 10% on your order.  We love sharing what we love with you! Hope you enjoy these cute little memories as much as we do.




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