Quality Pet Time

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6:30 AM comes around way too fast. Whether your wake up call is a furry baby with his cold nose in your back or a seemingly happy tot requesting “nummies,” we can all agree some mornings it’s nice to take it slow.

Winter in our house is packed full of play dates, library classes, trips to the museum and endless errands. Unfortunately, many of these activities are not exactly dog friendly. Being the great pup that he is, Toby is always happily waiting when we return well rested from the nap he took laying on top of the freshly folded clothes. So on mornings like today, we will stay in and enjoy the time we have together. I live for these days.

Carter and Toby - Superman

Days filled with superheroes and laughter. Watching as Carter playfully bates Toby into their 101th game of chase this morning. And just as the chase slows and the laughter is quieted, Toby settles into cuddling with Carter. These are the moments I want to bottle up and keep forever.


So why don’t we all just stop and take a moment from our crazy, busy lives and enjoy our furry friends? Time passes too quickly anyway. Quality pet time is not only important to your pet, but it can make your day more enjoyable.  How do you spend your quality pet time? Going on walks, cuddling, recreating your favorite pinterest project, doggie play dates, exploring your local dog friendly stores, visiting family… anything you and your pet like to do together is time well spent.


Join us and Rachael Ray’s Nutrish in celebrating these special moments with our furry friends! You could even win $5,000 and a year’s supply of Nutrish pet food.

Here’s what you need to do:

Spend some quality time with your pet(s)

Snap a quick photo

Share it on Instagram or Twitter using #QualityPetTime

Register here

Share #QualityPetTime with your friends! If they win, maybe they will share.

Need some ideas of how to spend your quality pet time? Browse some of  Carter and Toby’s adventures.

For rules please see complete terms and conditions.


  1. These photos are just LOVE!!! And so are the words. It’s so hard right now with the huge storm we just had (and our car is temporarily out of a commission because of snow-related fender bender!), so our poor dog is reduced to walking along salt covered footpaths for half an hour to an hour 😦 Doing our best, but very much looking forward to spring/summer!!

      • My theory is, it definitely is when it stays lighter later!! 🙂 Also, a blog request: is there any chance you could do a post about transitioning/adjusting a rescue dog to a newborn? We would love some tips!

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