I do not understand these things my parents and puppy brother put on their paws.  It’s only when they leave the house.  My dad puts on this funny cover over his paws.  Then, this contraption that he laces up and ties. Why would anyone want that on their paws.  My mom has threatened if I ever chew up any of these silly paw covers that I will be sent off forever in big trouble.  In the summer, my mom will put them on and take me out to run in the park.  So maybe, they are for speed.  In that case, I am missing out on a lot of running through the mud playtime.


What I do know is my puppy brother hates dislikes very strongly these paw covers.  In fact, he will cry when they are being placed on his paws.  I really don’t like seeing him cry.  So I have enacted a plan.  It’s called The Toby Defense or don’t you dare put those things on my puppy brother. It always starts out the same with a diaper change.  I still don’t understand why he doesn’t potty outside in the yard like I do.  Then, come the paw covers. (This is where I come in)  As the tears start to flow, I begin to lick.  I start by drying up puppy brothers tears which normal ends in laughter and a little sausage finger up my nose. My next step is to move on to Mom or Dad’s face. Who doesn’t love doggie kisses? They have to stop to move me out of the way pet me. Somehow, someway, they always get those paw covers on him. I guess there is always next time.  In the meantime, if you can’t beat them….

like father, like son(s)
like father, like son(s)



For more photos and videos of Carter and Toby please visit:

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